Sometimes Things Just Don't Go The Way We Plan

We sometimes think that we can do things by ourselves and jump into plans that maybe a bit more than we planned.  The son has been buying equipment to fix and renew his cars and trailers.  Today, he invested in welding tanks. He started cutting the tongue off the trailer and before he could figure out what happened,  the valve on the oxygen tank failed. I think that is what happened, at any rate he had to quickly remove the tank out to the field because he could not get it to shut off.  His disappointment and loss was translated into anger.  A few slammed items, some expletives, and retreat into a closed room, has allowed his blow off valve some relief.  This cost him half his paycheck and a day of preparation.   To him, this is high cost.  I, personally, am thankful that it was in an open area; he was able to get the flame shut off, and that he did not incur any personal bodily harm.          That is all good.
The flowers are for a sweet lady who has Lupus.   I think the world of her.  She fell through her ceiling.  Luckily was able to catch herself thus just suffering a fractured sternum, but not more injury to her back.   This is more tragic in her case, because she had the feeling she should not go up into the attic, to make it worse, she had the feeling that she needed to stop and go back.  She did not heed either premonition and thus the accident happened.  Now she tells her children, heed the warnings your mind gives you.  In our faith, we call it the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.  Haven't we all had these type of incidents in our lives?  She is thankful that she had the strength to pull herself up out of the hole and not sink on through.  She is focused on aiding and helping others.  My gift planned for her is, as soon as I am well (I have a cold), I will take my laptop by her home and we will work on her family history together while she is having to be still.
This is much like, do you look at the glass as half full or half empty.  God will aid us, but we have to look for the positives to aid ourselves.  A special friend has a saying "If God brings you to it, He will see you through it."