The Great Beginnings of a New Year.

Hmmm say you, it is July.
Yes, that it is, but it is also the celebration of my mother-in-law's 90th birthday. She is bright and beautiful and still active. She cracks me up. This is a picture of her walking into her Surprise Party. I quite enjoyed myself and there were so many people there to wish her well. All her living children, and a great many grandchildren, and a few great grandchildren. They all giggle at the great grandchildren number and said most of those came from Ned's family. And so they do.

This is a logo from my Missionary Training. You will notice that there are clasped hands in the center of the sun. It is all about helping linking families together and finding joy in our ancestors and posterity. I love family history and I am excited I have started, hence New Year, my training to assist others in their endeavors. So you can see now
what I mean by "This is the great beginnings of a New Year.!


I bet she's glad that your rear doesn't call her anymore, lol. Did you tell her that was a b-day present. Hee hee!
Texasblu said…
Ah well, we're just making sure the culture is preserved. ;)