Sugar- Sugar, who's got the Sugar

This evening was fun. My youngest son has figured out the root cause of his eczema is yeast. That has sent him off on a no sugar diet. You wouldn't think that was hard, but since donuts, cookies, root beer, and fruit are his mainstay diet...he is reeling from going to the store trying to by yeast and sugar free foods.
He wanted me to tell my oldest son who has a similar problem, not to help him, but just to let him know...(I loved the off handed way he advised me)
I know this is going to be hard, but I will encourage him and will give up sweets around him so he is not tempted. Not that that wouldn't help me too.
Along with the diet will be a parasite and yeast cleanse. They say the stuff that kills yeast is nasty tasting. He has decided that it is in his interest of living a long life to do this. The hope is it all works for him to clear up the skin that peels off his face, feet, neck.
Wish you all could have been flies on the wall as we walked by the chocolate milk, the donuts, the ice cream...he had me rolling with laughter.
Nite for now.


Crack me up! I can hear him now, lol. Tell that turkey I've been looking for him. For some reason I miss him. I know, hard to believe huh. Tell him I'm sorry he has to go on such a yucky diet, but not to feel totally alone. Douglas and I are trying to do better as well.
texasblu said…
Mmmmmm - give me the choc covered strawberry there.... I'll save him from his pain. *grin*
babyface1217 said…
AW MAN! You gotta be kidding!
Good luck to him! :)