Exciting Month

I am with this wonderful family at present.
On the 10th of March, I made my second trip by airplane by myself. This time the return will still be by myself, but that is okay. I am learning many things. Such as....do not wear a fringed wrap over your arm when going on an escalator. Mine caught as I was exiting, and oh my, my beautiful wrap now has to be fixed. My second experience was when I arrived, first, no family and second, no luggage. Delta did carry through though and at 11:00pm the luggage arrived at the front door. It was exciting getting hugs and kisses from the my sweeties.
I managed to finish the baptism girl's skit on time and fix the dress for baptism. I loved watching her swish. She is soo girly.

I have had the privilege of babysitting twice now. I am not perfect at 4 little boys, but it went okay; they don't hate me forever and we made it through safely.

Today, I spent at the Family History Library. It was okay but so not like Salt Lake. I will have to break down and order films.

Tomorrow I go to see a naturopathic doctor. Hope he can figure out what is wrong with my knee.

God has given me such a blessing. I am so glad I was able to come to see Iris baptized.

I had a slight feeling of Ned's role in my life now as I was researching family history. It was somewhat discerning when I realized that the thought just casually went through my mind that he was visiting the family I was researching.

Red Beard is fighting a virus. Hope he quickly overcomes.

More later.