Well, What is your opinion and it was all good

I like the background template I found for my blog. I have another I would like better but can't figure out how to get it on. See below "isn't it pretty?" How do you make it a whole background?I had a good day at church. I taught a family history class on searching in the United States. That was fun and there were some pretty neat ladies in there that we have shared oodles together. I love family history, in all phases. Most of my personal family fought for the North. The Hero's family on the other had was [tadadada(low note) da] The South. LOL Finding the information on both sides has been fun.

One sister said she hated Texas records because there wasn't enough information...I said just be glad there was information. ; )
Just remember to share information with others gladly. It helps our family trees grow.


I soooo need to start working with you on family history!
texasblu said…
When you come up we'll make it all pretty like you want. :)