This is Worse Than a Journal

Hmmm... Since beginning of Feb. Life has been full. I have had the pleasure and priviledge of teaching two family history classes. The most fun was helping two members research their family. It was fun and exciting because we found interesting things out about them.

I have gotten involved in writing on face book with my kids.. That has been fun.

On a sad note, a wonderful friend and past bishop died this last week. Attending the funeral was a hard thing to do, but I was glad that I went. We have decided while we're around that we need to have a Magnolia reunion. That would be fun.

Last night was hard. I had been preparing a talk for Sacrament on the family. I saw a book under the bed and retrieved it. It was the hero's journal, for the last 3 years. He had written so much in it. He had hidden a great deal of the pain from me. I see now why he would say whatever the Lord wants, I am ready to stay or go, but the pain is so much to live with.

I was moved to sobs by his loving notes about how much he loved me. I am so grateful for having been allowed my time with him. Reading the journal made giving the talk a bit hard as how can I talk about the family and not include moments of our time together.

I forgot...on the 12th of February I spent a day with Sarah, Bryan, and Celestial. How wonderful a day it was. I enjoyed every minute of it. The hugs, and chocolate kisses were marvelous.

Here is a picture of Bryan. Isn't he a doll. Full of life and drives his mom nuts. Oh well, don't all kids do that.

She is trying to overcome an absessed tooth. Could use some prayers.

Sean and I planted his dianthus seeds. We are hoping they will germinate in a timely manner so he can make enough to wipe out his debt on the motor scooter.
This coming week end is Stake conference.
The next week will be canning peanut butter.
Love to all


Wow! What happened to Bryan's hair? lol. You have been busy! Glad to see a new post :) Love you mom!
texasblu said…
Wish I could have been there for Bobby's funeral. Did you see Laura?

I'm updating today to explain where I've been.