Duty, Honor, Justice

Well, I stood and took my oath and suffered through 5 hours of long drawn out not so justicey court room stuff. It could have been done in 3 max hours. Long story short, I was #55 and 12 jurors were picked before they came even close to #55. This was the second time I was willing but just got missed. I told my granddaughter that she should never try and get out of jury duty, she might be the one that is needed for justice to be served correctly. Been there on a Federal Jury and done that.
I am tired tonight so this is short.


skinny minny said…
I got to go to a jury selection that took all day literally 7am-5pm. It was for a capital murder trial I got passed over it was interesting but man! it was long!
love ya!
texasblu said…
I keep moving before I have to go. :P