Surprise Findings and Puppy Training

You all know the primary song, "I Looked Out the Window and What Did I See"...well, I didn't see Popcorn growing on any Apricot Tree, BUT I did see green growing in my garden. These are the Carrots and bunching onions that the Hero and I planted last May. They are just now perfect for soup. Go figure. I will use some of the bunches to start more for next year. I was excited. I even have a perfect soup recipe to use.

My next endeavor was to work with my youngest son's puppy when he brought him in for me to watch. When he would not sit and be still, we had a tug of war because he ended up on the short end of the leash....below are the pictures of his looks. First was "And you want me to sit? Why?"
The next was his "oh well I just give up." He is really cute and isn't bad just has to develop manners like the rest of us...LOL


Wow! those are some great onions and carrots! I want the onions! LOL! I made chicken and rice tonight and some of Allene Torgeson's 'Dang Good Pie" For some reason mine is always a little soupy though. But it still tastes yummy! Oh and I'll try to get you a pic of Lil Red with the icing soon :)
texasblu said…
Some things just take longer to grow, eh? :D