Peace and Relaxation

Today, I went to the Blue Bell Creamery with my daughter and son-in-law and little miss t.
It was fun. T liked sitting on the iron cow statue. Afterward, we went to Washington on the Brazos. I love history, especially history that my family history was a part of. The hero's grgrgrandmother would not have been found if one of her son's had not been a part of the Alamo.
Because he died in the Alamo, single, no children, his brother had to prove the family history to inherit his land. Cool for us. The genealogy is in the Alamo library. I would never have found her because she married three times. All husbands died before she did. My grgrgrandfather came to Texas in 1842.. He married in Nachodoches. The maps of Texas chronicle where he moved to. It was fun to share with my daughter and show her where on the map her ancestors had lived. We sat out in the sunshine soaking up the warmth and feeling the wind breeze through our hair. (bad hair I felt close to Heavenly Father as I sat on a bench waiting on the adventurous younguns to come back. I always feel close outside. Guess that is why I prefer being outside to inside. It was a wonderful day and spectacular way to start the week!