Oh MY!

The ward meeting today was great. Many friends from both wards were there. Of course, it was a reorganization of boundaries meeting...

I will greatly miss my Home and Visiting Teachers. They were better than good, they were family. I know they are our friends forever.

The much teased about and speculated about event came true. When we had been organized into the Conroe 2nd ward, there were members on the Lake that said "Watch, this will be the Montgomery Ward." We would all laugh and joke about it. Many of those, including my hero, are gone. But for sure, we now have a Montgomery Ward. It is still crazy the way the boundaries are situated, and we will still have to drive many miles to get anywhere, but it is the Montgomery Ward. Silly right. Some of the priesthood are in truth that, but fun too.

I look forward to our first meeting next week. What fun to see the Lord's work moving forward.

My children have pretty much grown up in the gospel in the Houston Area. The oldest two were sealed to us while we were in the Melburne Ward. The first son started out his life in the Cypress Ward. The rest were born when we were in the Magnolia Ward. While we were in the Magnolia Ward, we never moved, but were in three different stakes, and now three different wards. With each change, we have increased in numbers of friends and growth in the gospel.
This church is a blessing in many ways.


skinny minny said…
OK I want details on the boundries. I Know some of them but the people I talked with weren't clear on them so...you got to either email me or call me with details please...pretty please?
Love ya!
texasblu said…
So did they split the doughnut in half?
hummer said…
Okay, the donut was definitely split.
Montgomery Ward is a the MOntgomery School district plus which ends at Richards, is split in the middle of the lake going down the long bridge, and down to just passed where Marc's parents live. They added on the area to the left of I45 and above 105 (a small square) that has one active member and several less active members. Plus a small area off 2854 that extends to just before White Oak Subdivision. I think it is called White Oak. Does this make sense to you? I will bring a map this weekend.