Late Season Surprises

Yesterday, I received a Secret Santa Gift to my favorite clothing store. Of course I know it is someone who knows my preferences, but who...I will be guessing so I can give thanks to them. In the mean time...Let this be my offering of thanks and I appreciate the gift.
I am overwhelmed by the gracious love that has been given me. That includes the Savior and his healing words. The sisters of my ward have been calling, and emailing to check up on me and find out if I am okay.
I am better than okay. I am terrific. God is in Heaven, the Holy Spirit is guiding, and the Savior provides a way to be back with my hero and eventually my family as a whole. How better could it be.
I love all the sisters of the ward and I am grateful to them for their concern and love. I am saddened that just as I am getting back to attendance, we are splitting as a ward. Get ready, I am not ready to GO and be all encompassed in a new ward, I will be keeping up with you.
the Hummer


skinny minny said…
tried to do a really good comment but it won't let me will it let this one through?
texasblu said…
Finally a ward split? Oh my... I bet they take the doughnut and split it in half.

I would be so upset - no Melanie. :(