Here I Am Freezing

Okay, so it is not that cold...but 27 in south Texas is COLD!
It is particularly cold this year, because there isn't anyone to snuggle to to warm me at night so...I have taken back my "substitute wife" that the hero loved to warm his feet with when I was late to bed, and call it my "substitute hero". Little did he know.
A side note. I was reflecting today on the generosity of many of my friends that have shared with me what they could in this depressed economy. I was amazed at first, then I realized over time they knew much better than I what the financial challenges of the next month would be after the loss of my hero. I am grateful for their loving offerings and am moved by their thoughtfulness. God has blessed me greatly.
I am working at the hero's office. They have been in a bind since his death, because the accounting programs were created by him and when he wasn't there to roll the year ahead things came to a halt. Because I spent so much time with him, I knew the people that could pull the programs back together. I have been filled with gratitude at the kindness and giving of the men that the hero had worked with and he had held in high esteem. They were quick to respond and made themselves available to assist. Even in the job place God has been so merciful.

I just received jury duty. I will be on duty on Feb
2nd. We'll see if the lawyers pick me. I am sitting here giggling at myself.
I am really cold sitting here with the heaters running and the propane stove on and I am NOT even cool COLD.
No wonder I am fighting a cold. I think I will go to Belize. It is warm there...what do they say about spending your children's inheritance.... 
And to all a Good Night!


texasblu said…
lol... I think it's colder there than here - it was in the 30's today...

You need a Bexar to keep you warm. :D