Garage Sales, Birthday Celebration and Good Byes

This is an example of determined women. These are two of my daughters who said they were having a garage sale and they did, with coats, hats and gloves on. Surprisingly, almost everything they had out sold. We had soup and hot cornmeal muffins for lunch

Next, we had Little Red's 1st Birthday party. We began with opening the presents...when you see the cake you'll know why.
Here he and his look a like dad (lol) are waiting patiently for hats and presents to be put into place. Babies never really care it is the parents.

This picture so reminded me of the saying of my Grandmother Whitson..."Dig deep puppy in the bottom." Of course, She was talking about soup. Here they are though reaching in the bag like it is bottomless. Do you like the hats?
You notice Little Red sitting at the bottom of the picture oblivious to their antics. He was busy with previous toys. Little T on the other hand was "What could be down there?"

This is just not right. Somehow I don't have a picture of Little Red with his chartreuse face and hands, but this is the cousin Little T who had a blue cupcake and ended up looking somewhat Jokerish.
She liked the cake and ice cream. Little Red was so funny. At first he dived into the cupcake with his hands, then as he was squishing and wiping he discovered the frosting just spread. He looked like he wanted to cry, but when everyone else laughed he decided it was funny and laughed too. I hope his mom sends me a picture of his face. He was so cute.

This is the family I had to say good bye to. This picture of my third daughter and little miss T is in their new home. The picture on the right is the dad with little miss T when they had flown back after buying the house. I know they will be fine and that they have a wonderful life to go to , but boy will I miss all of them. Each has blessed my life in some many ways, especially since the Hero passed away. I love them a lot.


texasblu said…
I think mE has mixed feelings about it too. Crazy the way we get so spread out. At least none of your children are out of the country. You do know that Redbeard wants someday to live in Italy right? I'm fighting that one.