Appreciation Grows

I have in the past written much about the love and care my hero gave to his family. Here he is giving a grandchild a ride on his walker. He loved playing with them while he could.

The remarkable thing he did was he worked up until a month before his death. He felt a great obligation to his employer to have things in good hands before he died. Unfortunately, the cancer and morphine robbed him of much of his reasoning power. However, he imparted much to me to be able to aid the office in recovering after he was gone. I am now working there helping. Jeez, did he ever do a lot. I am worn to a frazzle by the time I finish and drive an hour and a half home. I know he gave many life hours for his family to have what he could provide and spent much of his time afraid if he didn't to the extra that he would lose his job. Not that he wasn't capable just a fear that drove him. I wish now I had had more courage to tell him...."whatever just relax". I love him more than ever. And girls, don't fuss with him that he didn't quit. He was just doing what he thought was right.

the hummer


texasblu said…
It was what it was - Dad was a fear driven man. Wasn't right or wrong - just his reality.


I have a real struggle right now, because I see things politically that are frightening - they are big, I have cast aside the illusion of control. I do what I can, but still. I often ask me is it fear that drives me or is it love?

Sometimes I just don't know.

I hate evil.
hummer said…
Ours is to teach our children correct principles so they can see the right from the wrong. To vote for correctness if possible and voice for that which is correct. God expects us to stand up for him and that is all.
He knows that Satan has been given reign on the earth for now, but those that keep focused on God's plan of salvation and principles will see their children greeting the Savior. And that is the goal.