Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Humiliated by a Gopher.

Since I began blogging in 2009, I have had photo envy of Carol at Reflection's Flora and Fauna .  I love the way she catches wild life.  I have been trying so hard to catch an animal, bird, insect, or reptile in a nice pose or at least a realistic pose instead of a blur.
This last weekend I had my chance, or so I thought at a picnic the family went on at a local park in California.

My son in law, called my granddaughters attention to the fact there was a gopher digging next to us.  In a few minutes it was evident he was coming up.
I grabbed my camera and rushed to stand near enough ( I am terrible with zoom coming out clear) so I could catch a shot of him as he emerged.  There I stood, camera aim... so I thought, first picture was of grass, second was of freshly dug grass.
Then!  I caught a shot as he emerged.  I clicked 3 more times but only got him once as he paused to look at me considering what I was doing.

The quick as a flash he flipped and I was left with a picture of his backside.  I stood  for 10 min with my camera ready to catch him coming back up... I hoped...but he never came back and I looked quite foolish with my camera aimed at a pile of dirt.

Not giving up though.  I love taking the time to capture pictures of nature and beauty around me. Hope you are having fun too.   

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Betty Luckhurst said...

It's 'that one' shot that counts! Great job!
PS I have stood waiting for a shot for loooong periods and I'm sure I should have been embarrassed, but I wasn't!