Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spiritual Thoughts To Uplift

As you know, I love doing Family History Research.  This spiritual thought is one I ascribe to because I feel that you can not find the true ancestors most of the time by simple deduction.  Almost every researcher will tell you there is a point at which the information comes to you in ways your would not be able to discern on your own.
I am trying my hand at using digital scrapbooking. 
I made this poster using a photograph of my own and a scripture from St James Version of the Bible.  The bow is my attempt at paint.  The program I used was

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Agenda 21 "The UN Controling The US"

At the risk of being called a radical, I must blog my feelings.  There have been times I wanted to stand on the street corner and yell "Read the UN 'Agenda 21' !  Then you will know the President and his agenda.  It is not hidden.  There are those who have expressed their opinion on this subject.
That is not where I came to my conclusions about Agenda 21.

My sweetheart and I had studied about the US Constitution and the Communism in the early 1990's.  As time passed we heard 'screaming ' reviews about Agenda 21.  I had never been a fan of the UN, but even when I saw the "radical views of Agenda 21", I shrugged it off thinking we are not governed by the UN.

Over the last 16 years, I have watched as everyone began to be uneasy as to actions taken by our government in domestic and foreign affairs.  The differing of opinions as to why we appeared to be losing more of our freedoms. It was apparent that, definitely, somehow our freedom of choice was dwindling.  Our present President capitalized on people's feelings of loss saying he would bring about change.  They didn't realize the source of their losses.

Two years ago, I made the decision to study and become a Horticulturist as my Masters Degree.  The first classes were basic principles of soil, correct planting, fertilization, etc..  I also became a Master Gardener in Texas at the time, in order to be more familiar with the agricultural programs of my state.  My University advanced classes were on choosing and planting correct plants and things to avoid to make sure the plant lived.  I had to write a paper for one of the classes.  I had been watching the planting of trees along the highways and thought that is not correct methods of planting, so I requested to write a paper on this subject relating to planting, the hows and whys of it.  I was given permission.  Over the three months, I had to research this subject, over and over in the political whys of the plantings, I was sent back to Agenda 21 of the UN.  I came to realize that the buzzword for Agenda 21 planning was Sustainable Environment.  Al Gore the Vice President under Bill Clinton was put in charge of this.  He is still running our country through this.  Our changes are meant to be UN changes as laid out in the Agenda 21.  The health policies were there, women rights and children rights which undermine the family were there.  I all of sudden realized that I should have paid attention earlier and fought back before it had become the by word of the schools and community.  It is in our curriculum from grades K through Doctorate programs.  It is in every garden society agenda, because it went out through the agriculture programs first, to "help our communities become sustainable".  First it was plantings, then it was water.  You think you are worrying about your environment, but you are really following a well planned out program.  You are usually wise in what you do when it comes to your home and land, until there is a push to fertilize, a push to plant this or that.  If left alone, people make better decisions based on need.

I then followed the natural tendency to look more at the program since I found its fingers in my backyard.  As I did so, it was coming closer to election running time.  I listened to the rhetoric and failed to hear any statesman like speeches or thoughts given.  One candidate talked about not much and the other sounded a lot like Agenda 21.  I could not help feeling like our now President was not running for President of the US, rather he was running for President of the UN.

I don't know if there is a way to turn this around, but I know I need to speak up and say I don't sustain these actions and I know it is bad for us as a country.  I am a lowly person in this world, and haven't any say in the political matters, but maybe someone will hear and see the rationality of what is being said and those that can have a say will.  This is my hope and prayer.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sometimes Things Just Don't Go The Way We Plan

We sometimes think that we can do things by ourselves and jump into plans that maybe a bit more than we planned.  The son has been buying equipment to fix and renew his cars and trailers.  Today, he invested in welding tanks. He started cutting the tongue off the trailer and before he could figure out what happened,  the valve on the oxygen tank failed. I think that is what happened, at any rate he had to quickly remove the tank out to the field because he could not get it to shut off.  His disappointment and loss was translated into anger.  A few slammed items, some expletives, and retreat into a closed room, has allowed his blow off valve some relief.  This cost him half his paycheck and a day of preparation.   To him, this is high cost.  I, personally, am thankful that it was in an open area; he was able to get the flame shut off, and that he did not incur any personal bodily harm.          That is all good.
The flowers are for a sweet lady who has Lupus.   I think the world of her.  She fell through her ceiling.  Luckily was able to catch herself thus just suffering a fractured sternum, but not more injury to her back.   This is more tragic in her case, because she had the feeling she should not go up into the attic, to make it worse, she had the feeling that she needed to stop and go back.  She did not heed either premonition and thus the accident happened.  Now she tells her children, heed the warnings your mind gives you.  In our faith, we call it the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.  Haven't we all had these type of incidents in our lives?  She is thankful that she had the strength to pull herself up out of the hole and not sink on through.  She is focused on aiding and helping others.  My gift planned for her is, as soon as I am well (I have a cold), I will take my laptop by her home and we will work on her family history together while she is having to be still.
This is much like, do you look at the glass as half full or half empty.  God will aid us, but we have to look for the positives to aid ourselves.  A special friend has a saying "If God brings you to it, He will see you through it."