Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year... Hopes for the New

I have I neglected my family posting this year.  We have all had many changes, some happy, some not so happy, and some inevitable.
I am challenging myself to remember to post and take the time to visit some of my blogging friends to make myself relax from my hectic genealogy world a bit.
Thought I would share a few photos from this year.

While daughter number 3 was here from California they had a cousins sleep over. 

On Thanksgiving day, my beautiful mother-in-law , who was 93 years of age, left this world. I know I will see her again, but I am sorrowful for my own loss of her in my daily life.  It was always so much fun sharing my genealogy finds with her.
Boys' not happy with taking pictures.  :(    'tis normal. 

The youngest son helped trim the tree.  He spent 4 hours on Christmas eve getting the lights to work .
This year we put my  Holly Baby Angels  on the tree for the first time since the Hero died.  There is one for every child. 
My summer in Idaho. The oldest bought a 110 year old home.  It is awesome.  Inspired my son in law to put up his 'Ambassador' to Texas Flag he made. 
My second daughter's new home.  The light shinning through the trees looks like heavenly approval. I am their gardener now. :) 

The first Squash plant to survive the Squash bugs.  (don't like those.)

Granddaughter's first visit to the beach and I was there!
My first 2000 + mile trip all by myself.  and! it snowed before I got back to Texas!
I lost my last SD photo disc from my camera, so you do not see my trip to Oklahoma and time with my oldest son, nor my youngest daughter's home that they have worked for for a year.
Blogspot was doing something weird and I could not get the pictures fixed in the order I wanted... decided I needed to just post and not use as an excuse to procrastinate.