Monday, February 15, 2010

Somethings Don't Change

Over the years somethings just don't change and I am glad.  For Valentines Day I received a card that was designed and made by my grandson's.  It reminded me of the cards I would make when I was in elementary school.  I looked in my keepsake box and found card that I had made when I was 8 for my mom and dad.  That made me think, what fun a scrapbook page would be, using the two cards made 2 generations and 52 years apart.  Sentiments are the same and the fun of making your own creation and giving it to someone you care about  is still a uplifting activity.
Thank you my grandsons for being so special.
Love GrandmomE

Elements and paper are from Misty Belle

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chitra said...

So cute the card looks. See the effort they have to put in to cheer their g. momma