Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sharing Memories (Week 12): Valentine's Day Stories 'Loves Beginning'

I am continuing to join Loraine at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog   with her Sharing Memories Prompts.
My Valentine memories are as far back as my mom and dad's continuing courtship as I grew up.  My dad would always buy a Valentine and even roses for my mom on Valentine's Day.  It is a small wonder, that as my children grew, it was a remembered holiday.  However, there was an added factor. It was the day my Hero and I reconnected.  Here is how the story went.  
When the Hero and I first started dating it was in October.  We dated for about two months and I was deeply entranced by him on my way to loving him.  We were having fun and enjoyed our dates, so it was a shock to me when he said, "I won't be seeing you any longer", just after Christmas.  Now that was just not right, no warning, no reason, just bye.  I was shocked and needless to say spent several days crying.  I could not understand his reasoning, because we related so well.  The thought of  not even being friends was just unbelievable.  My roommate knew how I was suffering and would listen to my questions of why and empathize with me.  Two months went by and Valentine's Day was nearing.  I (devious woman that I was) thought he can't turn away Fudge.  So I called, and he and his roommate ( I had included his roommate so he wouldn't take it personal ; )  ) accepted my offering of fudge.  I took it over and visited awhile, then went home.  That night he called and asked if we could just friend date, like going to the library to study, etc.  That was good.  I accepted and our courtship began again, we dated for another 6 months and he asked me to marry him...that is another story for another time. He admitted to me many years later that the time we were apart, he had spent trying to forget me by dating others, it just didn't work, because he would stand them up.   He did not understand what was happening to him until I brought the fudge over and then he knew he just didn't want to forget me.  Ah, the power of Fudge, I, of course, kept the tradition of a special fudge, gifts, cards, on Valentine's Day for our family in remembrance of the day my Valentine opened up his door to me.

The Valentine Card above is from The Graphics Fairy.
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