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Gardening and Memories

This morning I went out to start planting the shrubs I had chosen to replace the rosebushes my daughter had lost to gophers.  Just the thought of having your landscape eaten by gophers was a new one to me.
As I started to dig the first hole, I realized I had the wrong tools.

A hand spade and small shovel would not work.  I had not dug in dirt this hard since I had tried to get some dirt for an experiment in the frozen tundra of Idaho in March of 2004.  Oh my!  It was time to get out the pick ax and the heavy duty shovel.  As I chopped and dug through the hard clay and rocks, my thoughts went to the pioneers that had gone to climates like this and had to create fields to grow crops.  Well, just the few holes I dug were tiring, can't even begin to put myself in their shoes.  Hats off to the pioneers!

My young padawan was disappointed when I informed her that the tools would put her in danger and she would have to wait until we were ready to put the plant in the ground... Oh wait!…