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Sugar- Sugar, who's got the Sugar

This evening was fun. My youngest son has figured out the root cause of his eczema is yeast. That has sent him off on a no sugar diet. You wouldn't think that was hard, but since donuts, cookies, root beer, and fruit are his mainstay diet...he is reeling from going to the store trying to by yeast and sugar free foods.
He wanted me to tell my oldest son who has a similar problem, not to help him, but just to let him know...(I loved the off handed way he advised me)
I know this is going to be hard, but I will encourage him and will give up sweets around him so he is not tempted. Not that that wouldn't help me too.
Along with the diet will be a parasite and yeast cleanse. They say the stuff that kills yeast is nasty tasting. He has decided that it is in his interest of living a long life to do this. The hope is it all works for him to clear up the skin that peels off his face, feet, neck.
Wish you all could have been flies on the wall as we walked by the chocolate milk, the do…

My favorite hobby

Now many would say that Family History is my hobby...not so...that is serious business.

I love sewing. I love seeing the end product around for a while like the baptism dress...27 years old and my copper top still looked great in it.

These are the skirts I made for the girls at their request. They really look nice in them.

I had fun picking out the colors and materials to match the girls' request. They were patient with my combining sewing and visiting together.

Back Home

This is Ki, he is very glad I am back home. So is Sean but reservedly so. It is green, moist and sooo Texas. I am up way too late. Sean had brought over some boxes and I discovered some early letters my Hero and I had written to each other when he was away at summer reserve camps. What a treat to be tolded again, I miss you and want to hold you. How glad I am that the letters had been preserved.
A months worth of work ahead of me so had better get to bed.

Fresh Start

How do you like my wonderful background! Texasblu, Athena and I worked for an hour putting it together. I love this and this has been so much fun.

Exciting Month

I am with this wonderful family at present.
On the 10th of March, I made my second trip by airplane by myself. This time the return will still be by myself, but that is okay. I am learning many things. Such not wear a fringed wrap over your arm when going on an escalator. Mine caught as I was exiting, and oh my, my beautiful wrap now has to be fixed. My second experience was when I arrived, first, no family and second, no luggage. Delta did carry through though and at 11:00pm the luggage arrived at the front door. It was exciting getting hugs and kisses from the my sweeties.
I managed to finish the baptism girl's skit on time and fix the dress for baptism. I loved watching her swish. She is soo girly.

I have had the privilege of babysitting twice now. I am not perfect at 4 little boys, but it went okay; they don't hate me forever and we made it through safely.

Today, I spent at the Family History Library. It was okay but so not like Salt Lake. I will have t…