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Surprise Findings and Puppy Training

You all know the primary song, "I Looked Out the Window and What Did I See"...well, I didn't see Popcorn growing on any Apricot Tree, BUT I did see green growing in my garden. These are the Carrots and bunching onions that the Hero and I planted last May. They are just now perfect for soup. Go figure. I will use some of the bunches to start more for next year. I was excited. I even have a perfect soup recipe to use.

My next endeavor was to work with my youngest son's puppy when he brought him in for me to watch. When he would not sit and be still, we had a tug of war because he ended up on the short end of the leash....below are the pictures of his looks. First was "And you want me to sit? Why?"
The next was his "oh well I just give up." He is really cute and isn't bad just has to develop manners like the rest of us...LOL

Garage Sales, Birthday Celebration and Good Byes

This is an example of determined women. These are two of my daughters who said they were having a garage sale and they did, with coats, hats and gloves on. Surprisingly, almost everything they had out sold. We had soup and hot cornmeal muffins for lunch

Next, we had Little Red's 1st Birthday party. We began with opening the presents...when you see the cake you'll know why.
Here he and his look a like dad (lol) are waiting patiently for hats and presents to be put into place. Babies never really care it is the parents.

This picture so reminded me of the saying of my Grandmother Whitson..."Dig deep puppy in the bottom." Of course, She was talking about soup. Here they are though reaching in the bag like it is bottomless. Do you like the hats?
You notice Little Red sitting at the bottom of the picture oblivious to their antics. He was busy with previous toys. Little T on the other hand was "What could be down there?"

This is just not right. Somehow I don't have…

Means of Relaxation and Enjoyment

With my first three granddaughters and my own daughters, I spent a great deal of time creating beautiful dresses for them. I loved sewing and wanted to do my best at it. After the third granddaughter and the Hero's illness, I spent a long dry spell from my sewing machine. Did I say I love to sew and create? Tonight, I have been finishing a dress that I started just before the Hero died for my cute little granddaughter 'T'. I can tell I am going to love getting back into sewing again. I will need to sew for my little granddaughter 'C' also. I will add pictures of my finished products. Ta Ta for now!

Peace and Relaxation

Today, I went to the Blue Bell Creamery with my daughter and son-in-law and little miss t.
It was fun. T liked sitting on the iron cow statue. Afterward, we went to Washington on the Brazos. I love history, especially history that my family history was a part of. The hero's grgrgrandmother would not have been found if one of her son's had not been a part of the Alamo.
Because he died in the Alamo, single, no children, his brother had to prove the family history to inherit his land. Cool for us. The genealogy is in the Alamo library. I would never have found her because she married three times. All husbands died before she did. My grgrgrandfather came to Texas in 1842.. He married in Nachodoches. The maps of Texas chronicle where he moved to. It was fun to share with my daughter and show her where on the map her ancestors had lived. We sat out in the sunshine soaking up the warmth and feeling the wind breeze through our hair. (bad hair I felt close to Heav…

Oh MY!

The ward meeting today was great. Many friends from both wards were there. Of course, it was a reorganization of boundaries meeting...
I will greatly miss my Home and Visiting Teachers. They were better than good, they were family. I know they are our friends forever.
The much teased about and speculated about event came true. When we had been organized into the Conroe 2nd ward, there were members on the Lake that said "Watch, this will be the Montgomery Ward." We would all laugh and joke about it. Many of those, including my hero, are gone. But for sure, we now have a Montgomery Ward. It is still crazy the way the boundaries are situated, and we will still have to drive many miles to get anywhere, but it is the Montgomery Ward. Silly right. Some of the priesthood are in truth that, but fun too.
I look forward to our first meeting next week. What fun to see the Lord's work moving forward.
My children have pretty much grown up in the gospel in the Houston Area. The oldest …

Late Season Surprises

Yesterday, I received a Secret Santa Gift to my favorite clothing store. Of course I know it is someone who knows my preferences, but who...I will be guessing so I can give thanks to them. In the mean time...Let this be my offering of thanks and I appreciate the gift. I am overwhelmed by the gracious love that has been given me. That includes the Savior and his healing words. The sisters of my ward have been calling, and emailing to check up on me and find out if I am okay. I am better than okay. I am terrific. God is in Heaven, the Holy Spirit is guiding, and the Savior provides a way to be back with my hero and eventually my family as a whole. How better could it be. I love all the sisters of the ward and I am grateful to them for their concern and love. I am saddened that just as I am getting back to attendance, we are splitting as a ward. Get ready, I am not ready to GO and be all encompassed in a new ward, I will be keeping up with you. Love the Hummer

Appreciation Grows

I have in the past written much about the love and care my hero gave to his family. Here he is giving a grandchild a ride on his walker. He loved playing with them while he could.The remarkable thing he did was he worked up until a month before his death. He felt a great obligation to his employer to have things in good hands before he died. Unfortunately, the cancer and morphine robbed him of much of his reasoning power. However, he imparted much to me to be able to aid the office in recovering after he was gone. I am now working there helping. Jeez, did he ever do a lot. I am worn to a frazzle by the time I finish and drive an hour and a half home. I know he gave many life hours for his family to have what he could provide and spent much of his time afraid if he didn't to the extra that he would lose his job. Not that he wasn't capable just a fear that drove him. I wish now I had had more courage to tell him...."whatever just relax". I love him more than ever. A…

Here I Am Freezing

Okay, so it is not that cold...but 27 in south Texas is COLD! It is particularly cold this year, because there isn't anyone to snuggle to to warm me at night so...I have taken back my "substitute wife" that the hero loved to warm his feet with when I was late to bed, and call it my "substitute hero". Little did he know. A side note. I was reflecting today on the generosity of many of my friends that have shared with me what they could in this depressed economy. I was amazed at first, then I realized over time they knew much better than I what the financial challenges of the next month would be after the loss of my hero. I am grateful for their loving offerings and am moved by their thoughtfulness. God has blessed me greatly. I am working at the hero's office. They have been in a bind since his death, because the accounting programs were created by him and when he wasn't there to roll the year ahead things came to a halt. Because I spent so much time wi…


This weekend has been one with lack of organization. My third daughter and her family came up to visit. We all had runny noses, headaches, and lack of focus. The wonderful part of the weekend was going to our temple with my sweet daughter. It was the first time in many years. I was uplifted during my time in the temple and hope to spend more time there. The rest of the week end was a bit of a let down in that I am fighting of the cold. I have taken my oregano tea...cinammon, soups, and whatever but still feel punky. I know that I will overcome...I just want it sooner than later. My youngest son just finished making his dutch apple pie for taking for lunches. I will go to bed as soon as it is done. More later.

Moving Ahead

This is the beginning of a new year and I too am beginning a new life without my hero. There will be great challenges ahead, but with the help of my Heavenly Father I know that I will be able to overcome those.
There is some clean up when there is a loss of a great man in one's life. Helping others pick up and move ahead at work is one of the tasks. He was enormous talented at writing programs. Now we have to figure out how to keep them running without him. No small task for those who don't program.
Today is the beginning.