Saturday, February 26, 2011

Preparing for a Pretty Spring

I have a boat load of subjects to blog about, a 40 acre fire just 2 miles over, my mother-in-law having pneumonia, yep, a boat load. ; )
I will instead blog today about the pleasant time I spent with my granddaughter making a pretty hanging basket.
Today we started out with new potting soil.  I was able to buy Miracle Grow Potting soil for under 5 dollars...I used it. I had a beautiful black iron hanging basket.  The granddaughter loves petunias and the grandson loves how they smell.  It was a given, annual petunias with alyssum would fit the bill. 

Of course when you give a 3 year old a watering can you are never sure how it will turn out.

All finished and fertilized and blessed to grow. 
The splash of red in the background is a groove of Redbud trees.

We will let you know how it turns out.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just in Case You Were Wondering

I have several badges to different sites on my sidebar.  I do not receive any compensation for the sites. They are places I loved and thought someone else might like to know about them.
Just FYI.  ; )

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sharing a Slice of Life: Sports

Texasblu gave us the prompt at Sharing a Slice of Life to write about Sports.
This is hard for me.  I played on a soft ball team when I was in grade school for summer time activites.  Outfield...I was terrible at catching the ball.  It was my freshman year of College before I actually learned to swim.  I guess you would say I wasn't sports oriented.
I did play for the marching band and we did half time at every football game from Jr High through High School.  When I graduated, I actually felt a little at loss because, the sport didn't have an appeal to me other than as a band activity.

I don't know why I was never really a sports fan, because my mother and grandmother were avid sports fans.
I can remember my grandmother had a television schedule.  It went something like: Tuesday, bowling leagues, Saturday Baseball or Football or Basketball which ever season.  She had terrible degenerative arthritis and had a hard time walking.  It had started when she was in her teens.  I guess that is why she loved sports and lived vicariously as a spectator all year long.  She loved her Yankees.  During a game, the air would resound with her advice and praise of them.
My mother played basketball in High School and loved the game.  She was totally into all the school sports.  As a teacher, she would have given support anyway, but for her it was a passion.  She loved professional, college, and high school sports.  We would hear her two acres away yelling for her OU team, the Oilers, and various other teams.  The children would make a wide berth around her house during a game.  It was funny to hear.  Well, some of the words might not have been so funny, but her enthusiasm was.  

I guess sports are necessary for an outlet of frustration and enthusiasm; I just never needed it because with 6 children it was a circus of events everyday at our house.
Was sports an important part or is it still an important part of your life?  I know some who feel they can 't miss a game.  It's all good.